CHASA recognised a need for a coordinated approach to promote the common interests of conservation and hunting associations in South Australia. 
We are a not-for-profit organization, which provides a link for the network of environmentally aware associations of South Australia, to deliver the objectives, by bringing together knowledge and experience from a broad cross section of stake holder groups. 

CHASA recognises and approves:
- that hunters and shooters play a vital role in the environmental, social, cultural and economic well being 
   of South Australia; 
- that collaboration between hunting and shooting organisations is an effective approach to maintaining  
  these values; 
- the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) meeting of 1990 which confirmed that 
  hunting is a legitimate and powerful conservation tool; 
- the Ramsar Convention on Internationally Significant Wetlands, which recognises that managed hunting is   
  a wise use activity in wetlands; 
- that hunting has played a vital role in the conservation of species and wetlands in South Australia.

Chasa's ojects are to support its member organisations, and individuals, Government and non-Government organisations, and hunters:-

* To champion the Environment , Biodiversity , Sustainability.
* To deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to all South Australians.
* To build and strengthen relationships between member organizations, individuals, government 
   agencies,the private sector and the community.
* To provide a forum for co-operation and discussion between members.
* To provide assistance to and or support to member organizations, and individuals.
* To promote and or develop projects, proposals and research as agreed by 
   the members in the common interest of the members from time to time.
* To adopt from time to time any additional objects and rules relative to and in the interest of the members
   of CHASA.
* To support allied hunting and conservation organisations and individuals to achieve their hunting and
   conservation objectives.
* To promote membership of allied hunting and conservation organisations.
* To promote training and education in hunting and conservation.
* To act as a lobbyist to further the aims and objectives of CHASA