Tolderol Lunch - Press Release

The inaugural CHASA "farewell to the Waders" lunch has sold out and will take place Sunday 10th of April.

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CHASA Strategic Plan

After considerable consultation with our Alliance partners we are proud to publically present the CHASA Strategic plan going forward.

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10/6/15 - Winter 2015 Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter

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9/2/15 - Summer 2015 Newsletter

Our latest Newsletter for the approaching 2015 seasons

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30/1/15 - Quail Season 2015 Prospects

There is good reason for hunters of Stubble quail to be both thankful and optimistic in 2015. Thankful, for the combined efforts of CHASA as a united lobby group that has been critical in the setting of a longer and better timed quail season. 

Read the Quail Tomorrow Chairman's full report here.

23/1/15 - Hunting Report Card

CHASA has initiated a HUNTING REPORT CARD so that hunter offtake can be recorded during the season. CHASA will compile the information received from hunters and share it with SA Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. Your personal details will not be provided.

Your participation will help to ensure future hunting seasons are based on a better understanding of hunting conditions and hunting offtake in past seasons.

Everyone who completes and returns a Hunting Report Card will go into the draw to win 100 cartridges of their choice, up to a value of $120.  CHASA will provide this prize.

Hunting Report cards can be downloaded here.

27/3/12 Quail Survey

Assistance is required from hunters for the continuation of the Stubble Quail reserach project.
An intiative of the SSAA, hunters are asked to contribute by collecting the head and wing of each bird and returning it to the SSAA for analysis. The survey will assist in providing vital information to ensure that quail hunting continues into the future.
For more information visit 

5/10/11 Waterfowl and Wetlands Survey
CHASA member organizations participate each year with the annual Waterfowl and Wetlands Survey
This year the survey will take place from - Saturday October 22 through to Sunday October 30 2011.
The waterfowl survey is a relatively quick assessment of the duck population at 100 wetland sites each year. It's a great opportunity to visit your local wetlands, and provides us with some very useful information. Several different people can count at the same site, so please encourage as many friends /club members as you can. 

Useful Tips:
· You can count any time during the survey period
· Surveys of dry wetlands or 'zero' duck counts are still important results, so please send back your form(s).
· If your favourite wetland is large, select a manageable part of the wetland and fill in the AREA of wetland you counted (estimate) on the survey form. Please try to complete as many of the fields on the form as you can

Many of us will be out counting as intensively as ever, and we're counting on your help...
Download the
Wetland Sites for 2011,  together with the  Waterfowl data sheets.
Once completed you can email them direct to Paul Wainwright, or back to CHASA and we will forward them on to DENR.

8/8/11 Quail Season Report 2011
"Quail Tomorrow" interim Chairman Bob Whinnen, presents this report on the 2011 Quail season.
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16/6/11 -"The facts about Crippling and wounding rates in waterfowl in Australia".
This article, written by CHASA Chairman, Tony Sharley exposes the outrages claims made by Animal rights groups  about wounding and crippling rates during duck hunting  It was recently published in Australian Shooters Journal 2011 Vol.12 Issue 1 (Reproduced by permission of SSAA).
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